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Mahadyuta Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MTSPL) is into Sales & Services of various products used for Industrial Reliability, Predictive Analytics, Online Condition Monitoring, Energy Saving and Environment Protection. The majority of our products are based on Ultrasound Technology. We are committed to provide products of world class standards supported with quality training. Our trainings are designed to provide in-depth knowledge about various applications of Ultrasound Technology for industrial condition assessment and energy saving. We also provide hands-on training about the advance features of our devices to ensure that the end customer makes the best use of these devices. Out trainings are solution oriented with an aim of developing customized Ultrasound Technology applications as per the customer's requirements.

MTSPL is the authorized channel partner/ distributor of SONOTEC, Germany for its products in Preventive Maintenance & Flow Control Division and has distribution rights for India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bhutan.

MTSPL is also the authorized channel partner of SENSEGROW, U.S.A. ( for cloud based online Vibration Monitoring Devices MTSPL also deal in Chemical Less Industrial Anti-Scaling & De-Scaling Devices for Cooling Towers/ Chillers/ Heat Exchangers / RO Plants.

List of Products

The digital ultrasonic testing device, SONAPHONE combines innovative sensors and software for preventive maintenance that can be operated intuitively and paves the way for new processes for new applications.

Advantages at a Glance:
  • New applications through new processes
  • User-friendly interface speeds up your inspection process
  • Record ultrasonic frequencies from 20  to 100 kHz
  • Store  test data and spectrograms
  • Add photographs, voice memos and comments to the measuring point
  • Create test reports with a few clicks
  • Minimize downtimes and increase operational safety
  • Improve energy efficiency

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With the SONAPHONE Pocket you identify problems even before they arise and create value at all levels of your company. Just by detecting and eliminating leaks you can reduce the energy costs for your compressed air system up to 30 percent. This also has positive effects on your operational safety and system productivity through early warning of bearing failure and evidence of partial electrical discharges.
The compact testing device is designed to fit in any pocket. However, its robust construction means it is also appropriate for harsh industrial environments.
The SONAPHONE Pocket is supplemented by extensive accessories in the form of airborne and structure-borne sound probes. You will receive the appropriate probe for your application from our product range, which you can attach to the device with just one simple movement.
You do not need much time or expensive training in order to perform the test procedure. The testing device makes the ultrasonic signals audible and shows them on a digital display at the same time. The SONAPHONE Pocket – easy to handle and very effective.

  • Find leaks and save energy
  • Early warning of bearing failure
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Extensive accessories for a wide range of applications

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The SONAPHONE E is designed for the rapid, reliable and cost-effective detection of seal failures and the smallest of leaks within compressed air systems and networks, vacuum systems, industrial equipment and machinery and covered pipes with restricted access. The ultrasonic detection device enables the early detection and avoidance of potential damages and resulting cost savings.

The regular inspection of engines, pumps and gearing using the SONAPHONE E leads to increased operational reliability and guarantees a higher degree of availability of machinery. By means of the flow noise the inspection of the leak tightness of valves, slide valves and steam traps is possible. The option of an additional ultrasonic transmitter allows the control of the leak tightness of windows, doors, cabins and devices with little additional expense.

Defect induced noises and wear to various machinery components and rotating machinery can be recorded electronically. In addition to all individual and serial testing procedures, all irregularities can be transferred to a PC online and presented and archived in graphic and tabular format.

An efficient integrated data logger enables the rapid transfer of data between the device and your computer via a USB interface.

The addition of an optional temperature sensor allows the measurement and simultaneous recording of surface temperatures of up to 800 °C. The SONAPHONE E has a user-friendly display and PC software with logical menu navigation.

Due to its intrinsically safe construction design, the SONAPHONE E is also suitable for use in areas with risk of explosion.


  • For use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Integrated data logger
  • Multifunctional testing device
  • Easy handling

Fields of Application:

  • Leak Detection on Compressed Air Systems
  • Early warning of Bearing Failure & Lubrication
  • Valve and Steam Trap Inspection

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NANO Water Convertor equipment is a Chemical Less Industrial Anti-Scaling and De-Scaling Device with following advantages:-

Advantages at a Glance:
  • Lifetime efficient & Scale-Free Equipment
  • Reduces power consumption due to free flow
  • Increased flow rate & improves Heat transfer ratios
  • Removes Bio-film and Avoid Algae
  • Lather and Soap Action as Equal to Soft Water
  • No Loss of useful Minerals in Water
  • Separates Chemical Bonding /Improves pH Level
  • Saves Water, Energy and Money
  • Eco-Friendly (Green Product)

The device works on following principle:- It has got an inbuilt Catalytic chamber that creates an artificial turbulence when the water passes through it. This turbulence helps to create particle division from a macro size of about 600 microns to micro size of about 6 to 10 microns, thus altering the bonding state of Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Sulphate by separating both of them. It also triggers the precipitation of CALCIUM CORBONATE in water in the form of stable aragonite crystals. These minerals will remain in water under different structure and cannot bond again to form scales, thus the water once passes through "NANO WATER CONVERTOR" remains treated till the time it doesn’t undergo temperature change of + 5 Degree Centigrade. A small DC current is provided to the treated water to make the TDS go aragonite in nature. This immediately stops further scaling in the systems and in a due course of time the existing scales also start losing their grip to eventually resulting into de-scaling actions.

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